I have been reading up on interior designs lately and when I went to have a dinner at La Veranda Resturant (inside Blowfish hotel) a few months ago, I literally felt like I stepped into an hotel in Marrakech, Morocco with all the bright colors and patterns. So, I decided to go back to the hotel in … [Read more...]

Bellfield Chino Short With Camo Turnup


Totally digging this khaki shorts with camo turn up. As a person with toothpick legs and tangerine butt (sorry, sound familiar? lol), I usually don't like wearing shorts. But these days, I have found a whole new appreciation for them. Given the circumstances of the hot weather that Lagos is blessed … [Read more...]


braids in doughnut style

Before I noticed how fashionable her outfit was (btw, the vintage skirt is to die for), I already fell in love with her smile and the braids with gold highlight packed in doughnut style. Shame! I didn't remember to ask her name :) … [Read more...]